Australian Visa Numbers 2018/2019 Just Announced

Do your own visa

*BREAKING NEWS* – Australian Government has no changes to the Migration numbers for Australia for the 2018/2019 Financial year leaving them on hold at 190,000. Today’s budget announcement is great news for people looking to migrate to Australia. Importantly, migrants will not have access to Welfare Benefits for 4 years after arrival, making it more important for people to consider their choices when it comes to migration.

The Australian migration system has been at record numbers for immigration for some years and this is showing no signs of slowing down. Recent trends in the 2017/2018 year have shown an increase in the required scores for most occupations under the Expression of Interest (EOI) Programme.

People are being warned to consider gaining as many points as possible for their application. Paula McGeown of Hightrees Law said today ‘whilst the announcement today by the Australian Government is comforting, people need to understand that places in the programme are highly contestable.’ Paula went on to say ‘as many points as possible is the rule that people should follow when applying under the skilled migration stream’.

In the previous 12 months, over half of all applicants have undertaken the visa process themselves and this is allowing applicants to spend more money on the variable items in migration, such as insurance, relocation, airfares and more. For those people who do want to undertake the application process themselves, the Do Your Own Visa Kit for Australian Skilled Migration is now available online through The Kit provides a Ste-by-Step Guide, online resources, tools, checklists and much more.

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