Do Your Own Visa – 3.7 Million EEA Nationals Can Now Confirm Their UK Permanent Residence Status Ahead of Brexit

Do your own visa

Do Your Own Visa launches today, offering the first easy-to-use kits for visa, permanent residence confirmation and citizenship applications. The kits bridge the gap between ‘going it alone’ and doing applications independently and enlisting the help of an immigration advisor or solicitor to handle the process. The one-off price of £29.99 for expert, step-by-step guidance is considerably less than the much larger fees involved in the latter route.

Applying before the Brexit rush

The UK Permanent Residence Kit is likely to be in big demand, as there are over 3.7 million EEA and Swiss nationals and their family members living in the UK. Currently, under EU law, they are considered to be permanent residents once they have lived here for at least five years, exercising their EU ‘Treaty Rights’ – that is mainly by working, studying, being self employed, self sufficient or looking for work. However, on 29th March 2019, when Britain leaves the EU, they become subject to UK law and it will become mandatory to apply to confirm their status in the UK. Rather than face uncertainty, completing applications for residency now with the support of inexpensive expert advice from Do Your Own Visa, will bring peace of mind.

“Do Your Own Visa” kits provide applicants with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide, complemented by support through a range of online tools, resources and checklists

Do Your Own Visa kit range currently includes:

  • UK Permanent Residence Kit for EEA and Swiss nationals
  • British Citizenship by Naturalisation Kit
  • Australian Skilled Visa Kit (subclasses 189, 190 and 489)

Chris Galway, Director, Do Your Own Visa, comments: “Do Your Own Visa bridges the gap between people doing their own visa applications and handing over the process to a lawyer. Applying on your own, having to pick through information on government websites and identify potential pitfalls, doesn’t give you the best chance of a successful outcome.

“We believe that applicants shouldn’t need to hand over the process to a solicitor, paying potentially large fees for the added confidence this brings them. Do Your Own Visa provides enough support for people to apply themselves. Our kits give extra expert assistance at a low cost.”

Available at WHSmith and online at Doyourownvisa.Com

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