UK Permanent Residence Eligibility Assessment for

EEA nationals

Complete the assessment below to find out whether you or your family are eligible to apply to confirm your UK Permanent Residence. Even if you are not yet eligible, our kits show you what you should do to give you the best chance of success once you become eligible to make an application.

UK Permanent Residence Eligibility Tool

What next?

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Do your own visa

Once you have completed the eligibility assessment, you will receive an email notification with the information you have provided.


It contains everything you need to make a successful application.When you activate your kit, you also gain access to a wide range of online tools and resources to help you throughout the application process. Make your application now to avoid years of uncertainty! 

Our Kits Include:

Do your own visa
Do your own visa
UK PR Guidance Notes
UK PR Application Guide

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Everything you need for a successful application.